Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny things kids say!

So, Bridger says the funniest things sometimes and we can never remember what he says. So we decided to put on our blog Bridger and Shaylie "ism's".
The other day we were driving on an errand in the car, no one was talking, it was just one of those quiet moments, and Bridger just out of the blue says,"I had a dream last night, that you Dad, were a bottle of ketchup and I was a bottle of mayonnaise, which was weird because I am usually the ketchup and you are the mayonnaise." We all busted up laughing, but the funny thing was, is he said it so seriously and when he tells us stuff or when they say their prayers at night and they are really meaning it, we don't want to laugh at them and make them feel self conscious, but this one we had to bust up, their was no keeping it in.