Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas time!

I can't believe it is Christmas time!!
I don't have a whole lot to post yet but I did have a couple of funny pictures...

Since we are going back to Utah for Christmas and will be gone for most of December we decided not to put up our Christmas tree this year, and the kids were kinda disappointed about that so they decided to decorate our pine trees with there own decorations. They even got me, Steve and each other presents from a Santa Shop that they have at school, they even wrapped them by themselves to put under the trees.

This is also a picture that we thought was kinda funny so I had to share it... There is a park in Lebanon (which is a city just north of us) that has all kinds of lights and fun stuff for Christmas, and their main Santa is (instead of being on a sleigh with reindeer) he is on a tracker plowing corn. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great Halloween! The kids went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood and got lots of candy and ran into a bunch of there friends. They got a ton of complements on there costumes and they looked pretty cute. Shaylie even won 2nd place in her school "best costume contest", she does make a good banana.
And we're all proud of Bridger for being brave and overcoming the fear of gorilla's, he now likes to scare people with HIS gorilla suit and he did get a few kids scared and crying over it.
We basically stayed home and rotated the Trick or Treating and answering door duty.
We all carved pumpkins but Steve definitely carved the best!
Halloween was fun but we do really miss Halloween being back home in Utah, family parties are a lot more fun with lots of people.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bridgers 7th Birthday!!

Well better late then never RIGHT?
I've been quite the slacker on the blogging lately.

Bridger turned 7 on October 9th and here are a few pictures of his party:

Instead of having a party at home where you play all kinds of game and have a huge mess, we decided to go to Brownsburg Bowl and it was AWESOME! Perfect place to have a birthday party, the kids get to run around play and make a huge mess and the best part is I don't have to clean it up! We did a party package where it included pizza balloons game tokens and cool stuff for Bridger to keep.
He only had a couple friends go that are from school and they all had a blast (so did Shaylie)
in the picture far left is of course Bridger, leaning next to him is his friend Lucas from school the other side on the back left is Sam he is our back yard neighbor, next to him is Ryan also from school.

And the PRESENTS!!!Okay so Bridger wanted a Star Wars cake (of course)... I'm not a big Star Wars fan I'm actually waiting for the day that Bridger decides he wants to move on to the next thing that he gets into. But he asked for a Star Wars birthday party and I'm so sick of Star Wars THIS and Star Wars THAT so I reasoned with him for the bowling party, but he did request a Star Wars cake and he described it to me exactly how he wanted so I figured it would be a good compromise.
This is how it turned out:

Bridger had a fun day!
Still can't believe he's 7

Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. Conference and Acorn

This isn't a big post with a lot of pictures or anything but the kids have said a couple of things that have really been funny so I thought I'd share.

It's conference weekend, and Saturday night we were tucking the kids in bed and Bridger said "Is tomorrow St. Conference too?"
I have no idea where he got St. Conference but it cracked us up!

Then a couple of days ago Steve was watching Fox News as he frequently does and the only thing it seems that they talk about lately is the "Acorn" scandle. (it gets really old)
Anyway... Shaylie came up to us with a picture she drew and said "look I drew a picture of a acorn" she also said something about it being fall and there are acorns on the ground, but it was really funny, it makes you think that kids do listen, this time she just heard what she wanted to hear which was sweet and innocent but we still have to be careful about what is on TV and conversations that we have.

I love kids they're so funny!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shaylie's 5th Birthday

WOW... can you believe Shaylie is 5 YEARS OLD! Where did the time go? She used to be my baby and now she's big and she knows it.

Her birthday was on the 24th of August so this post is a little late. But her birthday lasted the whole weekend before; so here are some pictures of her birthday adventure.

On Friday the 21st we took Shaylie to the mall to get her ears pierced, a little while ago she decided that she was brave and wanted it done so we made her wait until her birthday and she was so excited until... we got into the store, just before we got there, there was a girl just Shaylies age and she even had the same shoes as Shaylie, the little girl was so brave and showing us her new earring and how it didn't hurt, however... this did not work for Shaylie she was so scared she started crying and clenching on to me and Steve, then a whole bunch of little girls saw how scared she was and came in to give her support and tell her that it's not so bad (except for a couple little girls, I think they made it worse) but eventually she got brave and they did both ears at the same time. After that she was so proud of herself she was the happiest I have ever seen her, she thought she was so big and so cool, she walked around the mall with a little swing in her hip as she walked. It was really cute!

On Saturday we had a party for her with some of her friends and Shaylie wanted a "kitty" party (let me tell ya it is really hard to find kitty birthday party stuff). We managed to have a really cute party and it was a blast.We played pin the tail on the cat ( I know the cat looks retarded I'm not a very good artist).We played pass the flee (same as duck duck goose).We played chase the tails (same as flag football, but with kitty tails).We played find the mice (basically an Easter egg hunt but I turned the eggs into mice) I didn't get a good picture of that cause I was busy hiding eggs all around.

We had them eat cereal that looked like cat food on the floor out of a cat dish, it was really funny.
We had them make collars out of fruit loops. I didn't get a picture of that.
Then there was the obvious thing at parties... the presents!
And then because I'm mean to all the Moms out there... I had them take their cupcakes home so I wouldn't have such a huge mess. ( I know I'm a horrible person)

Then on Sunday the ward sings happy birthday and gives them a little present.

And on Monday (her real birthday) she had a party at school. Her kindergarten teacher has the kids make a cake in class and they get to do the work in the baking, frosting and sprinkles. They sing happy birthday to her and she gets to be the teachers helper all day, she also gets to wear a birthday crown.
Every year on Shaylie's birthday, Steve has bought her roses, even when she was a baby so each year I get a picture of her and the roses daddy gave her. What a nice Dad!

The weekend was exhausting, but Shaylie had a really fun birthday! It's hard to think that I have another one to plan next month. sigh...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The summer ends and school begins.

Well summer is over and we are all very sad... well I'm very sad.
The kids started school on the 10th and they were so excited. Shaylie pasted the early admittance test and is now a full day kindergartner, (which I was not ready for) she was all ready to go, and then as we were registering her in our new school we found out that their cut off date was a little earlier than other schools, it was Aug 1st and other schools is Sept 1st and to have to tell her that she couldn't go because her birthday is on Aug 24th would break her heart, so they gave her a test and she passed with flying colors.
Bridger was very excited to start first grade and get back
into the school routine.

Here is their first day of school and them waiting for the bus.
But before school started we decided to try camping in Indiana for the first time; it was a interesting experience.
First of all it is really weird to go camping 5 min. away from a McDonalds, it's like driving down the street from where we live and drive into some trees and there you are. No canyon to drive through, the scenery changing, the mountain air, it was just all the same just a little more woodsy.
But we still had fun, it really made us homesick and miss the pine trees and the mountains, but it was an experience that we needed to have.
So here are some pictures of that trip:

There are huge spiders out here and Bridger thought it would be really funny to pretend to eat them to gross his uncle Dallen out so Dallen this is for you.

This is me and Shaylie watching Bridger catch and "pretend" to eat spiders.

The kid never sits still!

This is Shaylie trying to get a drink out of one of those camping water fountains, they always shoot water really far and she was trying so hard to get a drink it cracked us up!

This is a huge snake Steve found on the trail to the park behind our camp ground. It made us a little uneasy so Steve tried to scare it away and all it did was make it mad, but it eventually left. Thankfully!

The kids had a blast with all the frogs, that was a big thing for entertainment on this trip.
We all thought it was funny because some of the frogs were the same color as Bridgers hair.
And that was our camping trip...
All I have to say is it's not Utah camping.
It's something we'll just have to get use to. But we still had fun!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The new house, Kings Island and continue from the summer crazyness!

I have been meaning to post some pictures of our new house for a long time and now that we have finally "almost" unpacked I felt like I could take pictures to post. So here it is:
First I'm going to show some pictures of the rural area where we live now, it is really night and day from where we were, it is total country trees and farms, It's really beautiful!
There is a huge equestrian farm right across the street from the subdivision that we live in, I love looking at it every time I drive by; there are actually a couple down the road too!

You can't tell very well but this is corn, I took this picture last week and now the corn is taller then Bridger.
This is our subdivision.
And this is the house!! It's very small but I love it, this isn't a very good picture cause it's later in the evening and you can't see all the flowers I planted.

And best of all:

We also just got back from a little overnight stay in Ohio to visit the amusement park "Kings Island" equivalent to the "Lagoon" in Utah, however it is much bigger and better! So here are a few pictures of that. But I also have to mention that Bridger is the bravest little kid I know, he went on all the roller coasters that he was tall enough for, he even went on the upside down roller coasters, I don't think I would have gone on them.

So that is Kings Island, it was a blast! Shaylie cried on the way home cause she didn't want to leave. It was a really fun trip!

And that is our summer up to date, hopefully I'll keep up so these won't be so long.