Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shaylie's 4th birthday!
Dad gives her roses every birthday.

Shaylie wanted to go to the zoo (again).

At the zoo looking at the Polar Bears.

Shaylie siting with her finger out waiting for a butterfly
to land on her finger, I have never seen a child sit so still for
so long.

The butterfly birthday cake
I made her.
Shaylie at Chuck E. Cheese

Shay opening all her presents,
that's the best part.

So we had Shaylie's birthday, I can't believe she is 4, time goes by so fast. She wanted to go to the zoo to ride the ponies and see her favorite animals, so we went their in the morning. Well the ponies were not open. so we saw other things that she likes. She loves the butterflies, and sat and sat and sat waiting for a butterfly to land on her finger. Finally Steve had to tell her that one landed on her head, and that made her day. Then we went on a walk around Steve's school because he had to attend a short class, so me and the kids took a walk around and saw the canal in Indianapolis, it was pretty cool. Bridger and Shaylie kept asking if their were sharks in the water and wondered why you can't go swimming in it.

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner, and Shaylie loved it, but she really does not like the big mouse who walks around shaking and giving high fives to all the kids, so she hid under the table and pulled dad's hand to get away from the mouse.

After that we went home and had cake and opened presents, all and all it was a really fun day, I think Shaylie really liked it.

Now she says she is as old as Bridger.


  1. Hey Tracie, I feel so bad I totally forgot about Shaylie's Birthday, tell her happy birthday for us. I can't believe that she is four years old. I love the picture of her holding still and waiting for the butterfly to land on her finger, it's so cute. And your cake was way cute too. btw this is Krista (i'm not sure my id thing works, just so you know that there's not some random pyshco making comments on your blog.)=)

  2. Hey stranger! It's good to find your blog! I'll have to check back often to see how you're surviving the new location! Check out my blog at reudterfamily.blogspot.com

    See you soon!

    Jenefer Reudter

  3. Who knew you had a blog? I'm glad that Krista had the address and knew that or I never would have thought you did. This is good news for me now that you are so far away, and we are too I guess. Anyway I hope things are going good for you out there! I'll have to get your number from Krista and call you.