Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring & finals...

I don't have a lot to post cause their really hasn't been much happening; Bridger and Steve went to a "Pacers" game a little while ago and I just haven't gotten around to post the pictures, but they had a blast. Bridger had never gone to a basketball game before so it was really fun for him, we've had him in basketball this spring to try to help out his coordination (if any of you know Bridger, he is very uncoordinated and clumsy, he always has been and it's hilarious) it's amazing how much better he is getting, I'll have to put him in next year too. Anyway, our good friends Kris and Joanna gave us the tickets so thanks Tates!!!

Our new adventure going on is moving... yes we are moving AGAIN! We don't really want to move all of our stuff again, I really hate moving; however... our lease in our town house is coming to an end, and we really feel like we want to get into a house or at least somewhere with a garage and better schools for the kids. There are lots of reasons to move, but one of the big reasons is Steve took an internship job in a town called "Lafayette" for the summer, it is a really good internship and will look great on a resume when he is done with school, however... it is an hour and a half away; driving that twice a day for the WHOLE summer...? it's going to get old really quick! So we are deciding to move to a town called "Zionsville", it's about 20-30 min away and closer to" Lafayette" it will help a little with that drive. So, we are currently looking for a house in "Zionsville" and I hope we find one soon (this looking thing is getting old).
Steve is in finals for school and about to be done with his first year at Law School, I can't believe it has been a year. Time has gone so fast, he has been a trooper! There are a lot of people out there that would never stand to go to Law School because it is so hard, but Steve has loved it and he is doing great! I'm very proud of him! Only 2 years left:)


  1. How fun for them! Chad and I went to the last home playoff game for the Jazz, it wasn't any fun!
    How are you? Did you find a house?

  2. 2 years, that'll go so fast. I'm excited that you are getting into a house. I don't know how you were able to go from having a yard and garage to not having one. I guess Bridger and Shay are old enough to understand not to wander off, but the piece of mind of a yard is so worth it. Good luck with the move!