Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well this whole blog thing is new to me, so I will start from what has been going on for the past few months. It all started when Steve graduated from Weber the last part of May, from then we were waiting and waiting to find out where he would be accepted into law school, we knew we were moving so we were in the process of selling our house and not knowing where you are going to live (It's a bit stressful). So he was accepted into a few schools and we were just hoping that it would be somewhere close, but the best school was Connecticut and I don't think you can get much farther than that. Then we decided to put money down and do the whole sign up process and then he got accepted into a few other schools, one was Denver, it wasn't a very good school but it was closer, then he got accepted into IU (Indiana University) and that is where we decided to go, we had the best feeling about it and it is a really good school so needless to say as of July 7th we now live in Indianapolis IN. Things just really worked out for us, it's like this was just meant to be we sold our house in 4 days on the market and some houses in our neighborhood are still for sale, it was a true blessing (and we made a killer equity) to help us pay rent and get completely out of debt, so we will be taken care of that way. Any way things just worked out for us and we are very happy in Indianapolis, its only been a week or so and we are having the home sickness thing but it is really beautiful here and I think we will really like it.

Bridger will start Kindergarten on Aug. 13th so that will be really weird I can't believe how fast they grow up. He is very excited. Shaylie is always happy she just goes with the flow and is happy if she has our cat and her horses.

On our drive to Indianapolis we stopped in Nauvoo it was awesome, we stayed a day and a half and we could have spent more time if we had it. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't been there to go it was really neat, and the kids loved it too. Ever since they have been playing "Pioneers" Bridgers bed is the wagon and he ties his elephants to the bed to be the oxen (it's really funny).

A day after we moved into our townhouse we got to see the storms that the east gets it was so cool but at the same time scary we had a tornado warning and the lightning was crazy but the crazy part was the rain it just came down so hard that we got soaked just walking to the car to the house we looked like we just jumped in a swimming pool.

So Steve starts school the end of Aug. and Bridger the middle of Aug. and I will stay home with Shaylie and teach her preschool.

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  1. Tracie,
    I love the pictures that you've got up of Bridger and Shaylie, the Nauvoo ones are really cute. It looks like you figured everything out blog wise! It was super frustrating huh?