Monday, August 18, 2008

Well to up date our Blog. Bridger has started kindergarten and he loves it and he loves riding on the bus. His teacher seems really nice & she really likes Bridger. I have started Shaylie's preschool, she also seems to like it, she just gets lonley without other kids to play with.
Steve will start school this week and he is really looking forward to it, I think he is getting very stir crazy and ready to get going.
We are all doing really well and we still enjoy Indiana, the weather has been so much cooler than Utah so it has been nice (until winter).
Shaylie's birthday is coming up and she will be turning 4 and she thinks she is so big. She keeps saying that she will be older than Bridger now.
Well not much more has gone on but I will post more pictures after Shaylie's birthday.


  1. What are you doing for Shaylie's preschool? I'd like to get some ideas for Alex.

  2. Loved seeing the kids! And seeing Nauvoo! Glad you are liking Indiana. I just mailed a package off to you guys for Shaylie's birthday! We miss you so much,
    Love, Grandma J.