Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shaylie cracks us up!!

Shaylie cracks us up!
Last night Steve was tucking Shaylie into bed and she was just goofing off and playing around with him (like they always do at bedtime) and he was trying to get her to say "good night" to him and she would only nod, so Steve asked her if she remembered how to talk and she nodded yes, then he said "what words do you remember" and she answered back "like onomatopoeia", we laughed so hard because a couple months ago we were explaining that word to Bridger one night when he was reading and their was a word like "meow" in it and he asked why the word sounded like the actual sound; I had no idea that she was even paying attention to the conversation at all, and to just randomly bring it up at that time was so hilarious, that just goes to say that you have to be very careful to what you say around your kids, cause you have no idea what they remember and when they will bring it up.

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  1. It is scary sometimes what they remember - for a LONG time. Hope that you guys had a fun trip back home for Christmas!