Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Break

Sorry it has been so long since I've last posted, ever since we've been back from Utah I have been so busy. And the memory card that we got for my camera was different so we had to get an adapter for my computer, so that's what has taken so long.

We all had a blast in Utah, the kids were so sad when they had to come home, Christmas was perfect it snowed and snowed which was really fun for the kids since in Indiana their is a little snow, mostly its really cold and icy. Speaking of weather it has been so cold that they canceled school for two days (at least Bridger's school was for two days, some other schools were canceled for more), it was -26 degrees wind chill the other day and we had a high of 0 degrees, but today it was warmer it was 13 degrees which is still way too cold.
While we were in Utah we were so busy running from family to family that we didn't get to see a lot of people that we intended on visiting, so I'm sorry to all of you who we didn't get to visit, but here are some of the pictures of Christmas and our trip. (it's kinda a lot cuz I couldn't decide which ones to put in)

In this picture, we had a really long lay over in Denver, we missed our connecting flight to Salt Lake because of weather so we had to wait 7hrs. to catch the next flight. So the kids found some other kids going on the same plane and they played and watched movies (thank goodness they were their to entertain each other, otherwise it would have been a lot more miserable).

While we waited Bridger got a hold of the camera while we were all trying to take a nap because we had to get up at 3am and these are some of the pictures he took.

Eventually we made it, and this is at my mom's house x-mas eve and Santa comes every year (it's funny because it's Josh my deaf cousin) and so all the older kids know who it is, but Shaylie thought it was the real Santa so she was being really cute with him and even sang him a song.

This is a present from my brother Bryan and Joyce, one of there kids had his name and gave him this Nerf gun, as you can see he loves it, he shoots me with it everyday.
(Thanks Bryan and Joyce!)

This is Shaylie's present, she got from my sister Jodi and Brent, one of their kids had Shaylies name and Jodi made this cute beenie, Shaylie wants to wear it all the time even if it doesn't match.
Christmas Morning
at Grandma and Grampa Jensens

Bridger is very into army stuff right now so he got a tank from Santa.

All Shaylie wanted was a strawberry Furberry
so when she opened it, she was very excited.

Bridger and Shaylie in a nativity seen at Grandma Jensens in replace of baby Jesus they used shaylies doll she named "Cupcake"

This is Shaylie and her cousin Alex, they are best friends, Alex followed Shaylie around everywhere.

Aunt Em and Eric took me and the kids horse back ridding, it was really cold but we had a BLAST! The kids loved it cause they got to ride all by their self.

Bridger and Uncle Dallen fighting as usual.

She played so hard that she crashed on Grandma Jensen.

Shaylie and her last goodbye with their Uncle Eric (one of Bridger and Shaylie's favorite people) Shaylie tells me that she is smart because Uncle Eric gave her Smarties.

Bridger saying his goodbyes to Eric, (Bridger is all wet from a water fight earlier with Dallen). and now Bridger thinks its really funny to give people bunny ears in pictures. (thanks Eric).

We went out to eat with my parents the last day we were there and we went to this Japanese restaurant call "Mikado" thats new in Bountiful, it was really different but really good.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

On the plane ride home!

Waiting for luggage.

And that was our trip.


  1. Sure did miss ya! But glad that you had a nice trip! How do you survive those temps? Brrr!

  2. I don't know if you've traveled with your kids when they were babies, but it seems much easier to travel when they're older!
    I love the dress-up picture with baby Cupcake.

  3. I wish we could have seen you guys while you were there. I think we just missed each other both ways. We were dodging storms too so we had to hurry up to Idaho, and then I think we stayed longer than you guys, so we just missed you. It looks like you had fun. Family is so much better when you don't get to see them every day huh. As sad as it is, it makes each visit so much better.