Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Indiana Weather

I'm a little late on this, but this is what our weather has been in the last month.
All and all Bridger has missed 4 days of school due to freezing cold temperatures even Steve's school was closed one of the days and hearing from other school members and neighbors IU NEVER closes school so it must have been really cold, one day we had a low of -12 degrees and -26 degrees wind chill.
Coming from Utah, the snow doesn't seem so impressive however, for Indiana it was there 6th largest snow storm, and it was quite a bit, the snow here is so weird, it sticks to the roads and sidewalks before the grass and they don't have hardly any snowplows so driving is a pain. But the real thing that we were not used to was the ice, it was really cool but also a pain, walking and driving, scrapping cars and walking under icicles that you were really hoping wouldn't fall on you was kinda scary. Here are some cool pictures at our house, but pictures really don't do it justice.
This is my beloved car that I love so dearly and I don't have a garage anymore (it really sucks).

Here are a few pics of the ice on our house.

Our back yard and our bikes.

This is the front of our house and our porch light (needless to say it doesn't work anymore).

And our mailbox

So that's what a small ice storm looks like.


  1. Those are cool pictures of the ice storm, it's nice to know in 110 years there will be ice storms in July (Randy says you might want to adjust the date on your camera)!

  2. sorry about the date stamp, I swear it changes every time I take a group of pictures, you can notice on all my pictures. I change it and it never stays right, so I finally just took it off.

  3. WOW! Those are insane pictures. How are you guys doing out there? I'll never complain about a Utah storm again. :-)

  4. Holy Cow!!! I can't believe that storm. I'm kind of glad we never had anything like that when we were there.