Thursday, July 2, 2009

The new house, Kings Island and continue from the summer crazyness!

I have been meaning to post some pictures of our new house for a long time and now that we have finally "almost" unpacked I felt like I could take pictures to post. So here it is:
First I'm going to show some pictures of the rural area where we live now, it is really night and day from where we were, it is total country trees and farms, It's really beautiful!
There is a huge equestrian farm right across the street from the subdivision that we live in, I love looking at it every time I drive by; there are actually a couple down the road too!

You can't tell very well but this is corn, I took this picture last week and now the corn is taller then Bridger.
This is our subdivision.
And this is the house!! It's very small but I love it, this isn't a very good picture cause it's later in the evening and you can't see all the flowers I planted.

And best of all:

We also just got back from a little overnight stay in Ohio to visit the amusement park "Kings Island" equivalent to the "Lagoon" in Utah, however it is much bigger and better! So here are a few pictures of that. But I also have to mention that Bridger is the bravest little kid I know, he went on all the roller coasters that he was tall enough for, he even went on the upside down roller coasters, I don't think I would have gone on them.

So that is Kings Island, it was a blast! Shaylie cried on the way home cause she didn't want to leave. It was a really fun trip!

And that is our summer up to date, hopefully I'll keep up so these won't be so long.


  1. I love the house! And nothing is better then getting to cut your lease short huh? I'm so excited for you guys.

  2. Hooray for summer! During the year, law school was always so busy. It was nice to actually have Jeff back a little during the summer.

    So are you moving back to the city when school starts again?

  3. So cute! Your family is just so sweet! We just went to Lagoon today! It is always fun spending time as a family! Brielle went on every ride in the place! Sounds like her and Bridger would make great friends!

  4. Way Cute, I love the house, it's quite the improvement from your townhouse. Miss you guys a ton.