Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The summer ends and school begins.

Well summer is over and we are all very sad... well I'm very sad.
The kids started school on the 10th and they were so excited. Shaylie pasted the early admittance test and is now a full day kindergartner, (which I was not ready for) she was all ready to go, and then as we were registering her in our new school we found out that their cut off date was a little earlier than other schools, it was Aug 1st and other schools is Sept 1st and to have to tell her that she couldn't go because her birthday is on Aug 24th would break her heart, so they gave her a test and she passed with flying colors.
Bridger was very excited to start first grade and get back
into the school routine.

Here is their first day of school and them waiting for the bus.
But before school started we decided to try camping in Indiana for the first time; it was a interesting experience.
First of all it is really weird to go camping 5 min. away from a McDonalds, it's like driving down the street from where we live and drive into some trees and there you are. No canyon to drive through, the scenery changing, the mountain air, it was just all the same just a little more woodsy.
But we still had fun, it really made us homesick and miss the pine trees and the mountains, but it was an experience that we needed to have.
So here are some pictures of that trip:

There are huge spiders out here and Bridger thought it would be really funny to pretend to eat them to gross his uncle Dallen out so Dallen this is for you.

This is me and Shaylie watching Bridger catch and "pretend" to eat spiders.

The kid never sits still!

This is Shaylie trying to get a drink out of one of those camping water fountains, they always shoot water really far and she was trying so hard to get a drink it cracked us up!

This is a huge snake Steve found on the trail to the park behind our camp ground. It made us a little uneasy so Steve tried to scare it away and all it did was make it mad, but it eventually left. Thankfully!

The kids had a blast with all the frogs, that was a big thing for entertainment on this trip.
We all thought it was funny because some of the frogs were the same color as Bridgers hair.
And that was our camping trip...
All I have to say is it's not Utah camping.
It's something we'll just have to get use to. But we still had fun!


  1. Did you tell us that about Shaylie and I'm just a bad listener??? I'm really glad she could start school after all. That snake in the tree grossed me out, by the way.

  2. Oh,your kids are huge..I miss them a ton. Camping looked like it was super fun, wish we could have been there.