Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bridgers 7th Birthday!!

Well better late then never RIGHT?
I've been quite the slacker on the blogging lately.

Bridger turned 7 on October 9th and here are a few pictures of his party:

Instead of having a party at home where you play all kinds of game and have a huge mess, we decided to go to Brownsburg Bowl and it was AWESOME! Perfect place to have a birthday party, the kids get to run around play and make a huge mess and the best part is I don't have to clean it up! We did a party package where it included pizza balloons game tokens and cool stuff for Bridger to keep.
He only had a couple friends go that are from school and they all had a blast (so did Shaylie)
in the picture far left is of course Bridger, leaning next to him is his friend Lucas from school the other side on the back left is Sam he is our back yard neighbor, next to him is Ryan also from school.

And the PRESENTS!!!Okay so Bridger wanted a Star Wars cake (of course)... I'm not a big Star Wars fan I'm actually waiting for the day that Bridger decides he wants to move on to the next thing that he gets into. But he asked for a Star Wars birthday party and I'm so sick of Star Wars THIS and Star Wars THAT so I reasoned with him for the bowling party, but he did request a Star Wars cake and he described it to me exactly how he wanted so I figured it would be a good compromise.
This is how it turned out:

Bridger had a fun day!
Still can't believe he's 7

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