Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. Conference and Acorn

This isn't a big post with a lot of pictures or anything but the kids have said a couple of things that have really been funny so I thought I'd share.

It's conference weekend, and Saturday night we were tucking the kids in bed and Bridger said "Is tomorrow St. Conference too?"
I have no idea where he got St. Conference but it cracked us up!

Then a couple of days ago Steve was watching Fox News as he frequently does and the only thing it seems that they talk about lately is the "Acorn" scandle. (it gets really old)
Anyway... Shaylie came up to us with a picture she drew and said "look I drew a picture of a acorn" she also said something about it being fall and there are acorns on the ground, but it was really funny, it makes you think that kids do listen, this time she just heard what she wanted to hear which was sweet and innocent but we still have to be careful about what is on TV and conversations that we have.

I love kids they're so funny!

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