Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patricks Day

  I didn't realize how many things they do in Indiana for St. Patrick's day.  
I wish the kids could have been with me and Steve while we went to down town Indianapolis.  They had a big parade and festivities that we were able to see. We walked the canal because they turned the water green, apparently they do it every year.  It was AWESOME!  I don't know how much coloring they had to put in it to get it sooo green or how they will get all the green out, but it was really neat.
After the kids got home from school I made a famous Irish meal that I have never had before, Corn Beef and Cabbage, it didn't sound real great but to all of our surprise it really was good.
And then the kids went outside to play because the weather was so nice they decided to draw chalk on the driveway; they wanted to show me so bad what they had colored and when I finally got out to see it I had to take a picture because I thought it was pretty cute.
This was Bridger's leprechaun and pot of gold.
And this is Shaylie's leprechaun, pot of gold and three leaf clover.

I also did a three leaf clover in Shaylie's hair before school and I have a picture of that on my other hair blog, it turned out okay but not exactly the way I hoped it would, I ran out of time but now that I know how to correct the mistakes, next years clover should look a lot better.

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