Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time with my parents!

The last week of May my parents were able to take a vacation to visit us here in Indiana.  We were so happy to finally have them come out here so we could show them where we live.  It was a really fun week and we did a lot of things.

Bare with me this is a long blog with a lot of pictures!
The first couple of days the kids were still in school so one of the first things we did (without the kids) was go visit down town Indy.  And it was HOT and HUMID!  We did a lot of walking and saw some of the cool sites, one of them was the down town circle.  It is the middle point of Indiana and there is a look out tower where you can see the city.  Well... we decided to go in and take some pictures from the top.  We got in and there and there wasn't any air conditioning and  it was sooo hot. You could either take the stairs that was I think 30 something flights or pay and take the teeny elevator. Me and my mom and dad decided to pay and Steve decided to race us up the stairs.  We got to the top and you could barely walk or breathe for that matter.  Steve did beat us up or was up just after us and by the time he got up he was so sick I don't even know how he stayed standing, I quickly took some pictures and we got down and out of there.  It was miserable, at least I can say I've been up there but I don't ever need to go again. I think Steve regretted his decision to take the stairs.
  We also went up north to the Amish communities (which none of us have seen before) and it was really neat.  The first place we went to was a small little area but it had a awesome gift shop, so we played in there for a while and decided to move on to some different communities, we then later regretted our decision because none of the other places had such great souvenirs, but at least we got some good pictures.
It was really interesting to see there way of life.
This picture above was a game that they had made and it was really neat, you had to swing a rope with a ring around it and hook it on a hook.  Very tricky!  Steve actually managed to hook it once, but we were standing there waiting for him a long time.

We saw a lot of funny signs while we were there so we had to take a picture of a couple of them.
This picture above was in a different community in Shipshewana that was a little bit more of the Amish lifestyle, this sign was at a parking lot for horse and buggies.  They ride them around everywhere they go, there are all kinds of stores and shopping centers in this area and they just ride bikes with baskets or in a buggy and just park their horse, it was so weird but really fascinating.
I think that was one of the funnest things we did through the week, a lot of driving but very neat!

After that we took my parents to the Indianapolis Zoo.
Here is my mom and Shaylie petting the sharks.
We saw a bunch of stuff.  However it was also a very hot and humid day.
We saw the dolphin show.
We were their early so we could get good seats and it was nice and cool in there so it gave us time out of the heat.
Steve was taking all the pictures and wasn't able to be in any of them so he took one of himself and I think it turned out pretty hot so I put it in. ;)
The zoo just got a new animal exhibit the cheetah and for members only you could take a sneak peek at it a few days before the exhibit was actually open so that was cool.

Then we saw the butterfly's this is one of Shaylie's favorite things to do at the zoo.  And this time with my parents there it was awesome! The best we have seen it, the butterfly's were so friendly we were able to hold a lot of them or they would just land on you.  The first one we saw landed on my dad's hat.
Shaylie was finally able to have a butterfly land on her finger, she was so proud.  She first had one land on her shoe and she wasn't expecting it so it scared her for a minuet but after that she was in heaven.
  We had a really good time with them here.  I hope they had fun too.  After they left it made me really homesick.  I miss them so much!

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  1. Looks like you guys had one heck of a time!

    Wish we could have come out there too! ;)