Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Summer 2011

Ok... I say this every posting that I do but it has been way to long to catch up on, so this is going to be a long post of all the things that has gone on this summer.

I'll start from the beginning of the summer.  First of all Steve graduated law school (YAY!!) It was very exciting and I am sooo proud of him.

 I have a ton more pictures but I can't post all of them and get through the rest of the summer.

Next, we did some fun activities.
 While Steves mom was here for his graduation we went to Shipshewana Amish country in northern Indiana we were able to go to the flea market and do some shopping and eat dinner at a yummy restaurant and of course see all the buggies and stuff. We had been there before but Steves mom had never been so it was fun to take her there.
We also took her to Connor Prairie when it was civil war days.
There was a few new baby goats in the farm area and we had the cutest little goat who loved us, he was like a little puppy. He kept climbing on Shaylie to eat her bow.

Then in June Steve turned 34 on the 23rd we just had a small little family party.

We went to the Lebanon parade on the 4th of July (which is full of tractors and not much else) then we went to Zionsville to the little carnival and saw fireworks.

 Most of the summer while we were in Indiana the kids and I spent most of the time at the pool.
(Bridger is a fish)
On the 9th of July me and the kids flew to Utah. Because Steve had to take the bar at the end of July we went out earlier and he drove out after he took the test.  It was so fun to see family again and to be able to spend so much time there.  It's funny how fast time fly's but we were able to do a lot of stuff.

This is Bridger and Shaylie with their cousins Damon, Calub and Levi at the Bountiful park on the 24th of July.
Steves mom and their aunt Em took us to the dinosaur park in Ogden.
We went to Cherry Hill and the kids climbed the rock wall all by themselves I was so proud of them.  When Shaylie got up and was ready to come down she was to light for the rope to let her down and the worker had to climb up to rescue her, it was funny.
We went camping with the Jensens to Bear Lake.
Then all good things have to come to an end and we drove back just in time for the kids to start their first day of school.
Shaylie is now in the 2nd grade (HOLY COW)

And Bridger is in the 3rd.  Why do they grow up so fast?

Then on the 24th of August Shaylie turned 7!  We had a Ladybug party with some of her neighbor friends and we had a blast.

Steve gives her roses every year for her birthday it is so sweet he has done it since she was a baby.
Her big present from us this year was a ipod shuffel.  She is always singing so we thought it would be something she would love to listen to (and she does).  It's funny too because she sings and doesn't realize that we can all here her, it cracks us up.
This was the cake I made her this year.  It was really fun to make and I think it turned out pretty cute.  I'm sure it would have been cuter if I had used fondant frosting but I haven't quite mastered that yet so I opted out of it.
Steve also got Shay her very own fishing pole, and not one of those pre packaged barbie poles that you can get at every department/grocery store, he had to get the best and it's cute too.  We will be using it on labor day I'm sure.
This is some of  the kids playing at her party.  All I can say is Steve is crazy and little girls love it! He was the highlight of the party I just planned it.

That is the jest of our summer, we had so much fun it's so sad it's over.

For a update of where we are as far as what we are doing now that Steve is done with school. Well... he won't find out if he passed the bar until October sometime so until then it is tricky to find a job, but he is still searching and wherever he gets a job is where we are going.  Our lease is up on our house but our landlord is letting us lease month to month (thankfully) so we are still here and happy.  The kids love the school here and they both have a ton of friends.  I will keep an update when things change.

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