Thursday, November 3, 2011


Here is a few things that have happened this Fall.

1.  We found out that Steve PASSED the bar!! It is all final and he has been sworn in so that ship has sailed "ahhh" what a brick off our shoulders.  Now it's the job hunt which is another brick but I'm sure it won't take him long, he's charming.  So we'll see what comes our way.  As for right now he is working temp jobs he is sub teaching and he is also a manager for Amazon through the Holidays to get us through until he gets the law job, he is also working for a Judge in Nobelsville IN as a clerk part time.

2. Bridger turned 9!  For his birthday he wanted to go camping and as luck had have it, it was the perfect weekend to do it.  The weather was warm and the leaves were at their peek of fall colors it was awesome.

 This is the cake I made him.  It's supposed to be a trout and it looked really good but when I look at the picture it doesn't look as good as I remembered it.  But the important part is it was really yummy!

Here is a few pictures of Briders birthday and our camping trip.

 I brought up some craft stuff because if you know my kids you know how much they love to create things.  So these are some rock people they made.  The one on the right is supposed to be roasting marshmallows.

 This is the tallest mountain in Indiana (at least I think) but it was very pretty pictures don't do it justice.

 Bridger opening his presents.  We did it at night with the campfire.
One thing here in Indiana that we find very strange is all the camp sites have power outlets so everyone puts lights hanging all around (like Christmas lights) but everyone had Halloween lights, they also decorate their campsites with Halloween decorations some of them were decorated more then our house  "so strange".  I can't imagine doing that for a weekend.  So anyway, we thought it would be awesome (before knowing that everyone puts up lights) that we string up lights to make our campsite look like a party for Bridger but to our surprise everyone had it, so we fit in I guess.
One of Bridgers main gifts was a small fish tank so here he's holding up the fish net.

3.  Shaylie had a Johnny Appleseed day at school and they all were encouraged to dress the part.  It was fun and I think she was the cutest Johnny Appleseed there.
 4.  And last it was Halloween!  Bridger dressed up like a Zombie.

 Shaylie wanted to be a rubiks cube.  Homemade costumes are always best, they both got tons of complements.

And that was our October!

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  1. Great costumes! Love them both! Your camping pictures make me really miss it back there. I can't believe Bridger is 9 already!!! Oh my goodness how time flies. I've been meaning to call you as soon as I get the time. We miss you guys tons!