Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shaylie's 5th Birthday

WOW... can you believe Shaylie is 5 YEARS OLD! Where did the time go? She used to be my baby and now she's big and she knows it.

Her birthday was on the 24th of August so this post is a little late. But her birthday lasted the whole weekend before; so here are some pictures of her birthday adventure.

On Friday the 21st we took Shaylie to the mall to get her ears pierced, a little while ago she decided that she was brave and wanted it done so we made her wait until her birthday and she was so excited until... we got into the store, just before we got there, there was a girl just Shaylies age and she even had the same shoes as Shaylie, the little girl was so brave and showing us her new earring and how it didn't hurt, however... this did not work for Shaylie she was so scared she started crying and clenching on to me and Steve, then a whole bunch of little girls saw how scared she was and came in to give her support and tell her that it's not so bad (except for a couple little girls, I think they made it worse) but eventually she got brave and they did both ears at the same time. After that she was so proud of herself she was the happiest I have ever seen her, she thought she was so big and so cool, she walked around the mall with a little swing in her hip as she walked. It was really cute!

On Saturday we had a party for her with some of her friends and Shaylie wanted a "kitty" party (let me tell ya it is really hard to find kitty birthday party stuff). We managed to have a really cute party and it was a blast.We played pin the tail on the cat ( I know the cat looks retarded I'm not a very good artist).We played pass the flee (same as duck duck goose).We played chase the tails (same as flag football, but with kitty tails).We played find the mice (basically an Easter egg hunt but I turned the eggs into mice) I didn't get a good picture of that cause I was busy hiding eggs all around.

We had them eat cereal that looked like cat food on the floor out of a cat dish, it was really funny.
We had them make collars out of fruit loops. I didn't get a picture of that.
Then there was the obvious thing at parties... the presents!
And then because I'm mean to all the Moms out there... I had them take their cupcakes home so I wouldn't have such a huge mess. ( I know I'm a horrible person)

Then on Sunday the ward sings happy birthday and gives them a little present.

And on Monday (her real birthday) she had a party at school. Her kindergarten teacher has the kids make a cake in class and they get to do the work in the baking, frosting and sprinkles. They sing happy birthday to her and she gets to be the teachers helper all day, she also gets to wear a birthday crown.
Every year on Shaylie's birthday, Steve has bought her roses, even when she was a baby so each year I get a picture of her and the roses daddy gave her. What a nice Dad!

The weekend was exhausting, but Shaylie had a really fun birthday! It's hard to think that I have another one to plan next month. sigh...


  1. So cute! Brielle and Shaylie would get along so well! We have had 2 kitty parties for her!
    We also just got Jaycie's ears pierced with those same cute earrings! Oh how I wish you were back! We would have such fun!

  2. I love how you sent the cupcakes home with them! It's like you want to spread the mess around and make more people accountable for it. LOL! You didn't tell me you were such a good party planner.

  3. Yay!!! Happy Belated B'day Shay. Love the earrings, you're way tough to let them do that to you. hope you had a fun day, and we can't wait to see you guys, we miss you tons! =)

  4. Seriously? 5!!!! Honestly, how did that happen? I hate living so far away from everyone because that is when stuff like this happens. All the sudden people are turning 5 and they are suppose to be 3 forever! Man, this suck. You are so good at the birthday thing, I know who to call when I need ideas.